Dahon folding bicycles
The sleek and sexy Piccolo is a favorite with people who want a compact folding bike for short trips around town. The Piccolo is the less expensive cousin of the Presto: it features a 4130 chromoly frame instead of an aluminum frame and it is equipped with Deluxe components instead of the Xtreme Luxe components found on the Presto. Otherwise, it has the same excellent riding performance and folding convenience.

Piccolo D3
Presto Lite
Sweet Pea
Super compact – fits in a shopping bag when folded
Super portable – folds in 15 seconds
BioLogic™ II frame geometry delivers an excellent ride despite the small wheels
Magnetix™ latch holds the bike together when folded
* The equipment on your bike may differ slightly from the bike pictured here. Please confirm all equipment with your dealer before purchase.

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